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About the Photographer/Author

About the Author

Cheryl Williams

Growing up, reading a book was one of Cheryl’s favorite past times and she could often be found curled up in a corner reading some of her favorite authors getting lost in a book for hours at a time. There was nothing as comforting as being immersed in a book filled with mystery and intrigue. As an avid reader, in her formative years, that interest was nurtured by what she learned in her English classes. Since it was often part of the school curriculum, she had to learn the basics in order to properly construct a story. Being curious about the structure of a story, she absorbed everything she learned and excelled in her studies, even writing her first poem in her high schools' advanced English class’ first publication.

 While in college, English was also part of her general education requirements. Her then English teachers required each of their students to construct a 500-word story each week on an assigned topic. She took on the task with the same enthusiasm she did in her reading. She learned to draw on her own life experiences, using the tools she learned in reading others' stories to create a story of her own that evolved with each written word.

Many years later she would self-publish her first book of poetry, "My Mind's Eye" (Watermark Press). In this compilation, she pays tribute to her family and friends and the many experiences she's shared with them. 

Today, she still enjoys writing. Although she still reads occasionally, that passion has evolved into writing about her hiking adventures. That coupled with her love of photography makes for a visual experience that can only be surpassed by adding her own words to describe the beauty of nature she has captured in her photographs.

 Check out her blog which chronicles her time on the trails.


About the Photographer

Cheryl Williams

 Over a seemingly short amount of time, Cheryl has become an avid fan of hiking. As a result, she became even more fascinated with the natural beauty of the world around us. That led her to take her camera along to capture the peace and wonder of a world that was and is there for the enjoyment of all who dare to take part. We are often bombarded with living life and hiking (photography and writing—in no particular order ) gave her the opportunity to let go, unwind and relax, away from the pressures of the business of “living”. Nature has inspired her in many ways and as a writer, it was another way for her to tap into a new form of inspiration that fed her creatively no matter how many times she took to the same trails or photographed the same tree, flower or waterfall. Nature always seemed to capture her undivided attention. The lighting, no matter the time of day, the clouds as they moved and changed shape in the bluest sky, the rush of the water to the stillness of it that seemed to form in an instant, the whispering of the occasional breeze that’s carried through the tops of the tallest trees as it found its way down to her awaiting ears, the coolness of the air, to the warmth of the sunshine that broke through as the trees gave way, to the sprigs of color from the native wildflowers, all of it always left her wanting to capture each and every moment.

There is so much to see, photograph and share and only a single lifetime in which to capture it.  Someone once said gifts are meant to be shared with others and while her initial interest in hiking was initially purely personal, the moments captured during those hikes are a visual gift meant to be shared with others. And so, with that, we hope you enjoy the moments captured and the words those moments inspired. Go out and explore….if only for a moment, and you’ll be surprised at the peace nature awakens in the  deepest part of you.   

"Thank you for allowing me the privilege of sharing a small part of myself with you".                 Cheryl "HJ" Williams