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Trail Tales

This is more than a blog, this page chronicles my experiences on those trails. The trails may be some of the same ones, but the experiences never are.


The Evolution of a Virgin Hiker

Cheryl Williams



Youth is a wonderful thing. Youth, for many of us, can translate into being invincible, thrill-seeking, fearless and carefree individuals, throwing caution to the wind in every area/aspect of our lives. Wanting to experience anything and everything, while we’re young enough, and our bodies are strong enough to handle whatever we throw at it.

What’s interesting to me is how we evolve as we get “older”. We are more appreciative of a lot of things in a lot of different ways. We don’t lose the character we developed in our youth, it’s just that the natural cycle of the physical and mental evolution of our mind and body is different, changing, and oftentimes, not in sync. When we’re more mature, we're in a different cycle of our lives and instead of wanting to experience anything and everything as fast and as fearlessly as we can, we become more thoughtful about those experiences as we evolve. Every moment becomes more precious and every experience more valuable in a much different way. The experiences seem to hold more value, but that's not to say that what we experience in our youth isn't considered valuable. It's just that (for me personally) the value those experiences hold as we mature becomes more of a treasure, a collector's item, a one of a kind, priceless piece of memorabilia, invaluable in it's hold over us. I want to relish those experiences, capture the memories on "paper" and "film" to share with others because we never know what the effect those experiences may have on those who choose to go along for the ride. Cherish your experiences, live each moment with the joy, vigor and passion designed to bring you the most satisfaction. 

I've come to appreciate the many challenges, highlights, low-lights, obstacles and lessons that I've experienced on and off the trails. Each day on the trails seems to hold a special place in my heart, but it's often those experiences on the trails that have taught me the most about myself. My physical, mental and emotional strengths have grown exponentially but never outweighing the effect the actual experience has had on me as a whole. And I believe I am better for it.

There is nothing more valuable than our experiences and it's how we handle those experiences that helps to define who we are becoming. Every day is an opportunity to evolve in to a better version of yourself. Every day is a gift. Every day allows us to embrace, the good, the bad and the ugly because each one of those good, bad and ugly experiences has a lesson to be learned if we are ready, willing and open enough to be taught. It's not rocket science, it's simply - BEING.