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Card Expressions

With several sentiments to choose from, you can create your own custom photo greeting card. 

Beyond the Clouds

Cheryl Williams


When the skies are dark, and the clouds are thick and the sun is hidden from view

When a storm is coming and you can’t find your way and you’re not sure what to do

When you feel like all that you have is lost and your burden’s no longer light

When you can’t attain peace and you wanna give up

‘Cause you’re much too tired to fight

When your path’s not clear and your heart isn’t sure and you don’t know where to turn

When you look high and low and don’t see a way out and you feel so all alone

Just open your heart and look beyond all the clouds for the gifts He has for you, His love is everlasting, your sins notwithstanding,

 Just know He’ll always see you through.


Cheryl Williams

Each of the expressions were written exclusively by Cheryl for use by this website only. Select a photo and include an expression at no additional charge to create your very own customized photo greeting card! Or, select a photo and personalize it with your own greeting. Either way, these photo cards are sure to make an impression. Our greeting cards are made up of 100% recycled paper and are individually packaged in a clear plastic sleeve to preserve them. Order sets of 12 or more and receive discounted pricing. (Contact us for more details.) Need more inspiration? These beautiful 5 x 7 greeting cards include a 4 x 6 photo that will also make a great keepsake, perfect for framing in your favorite 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 frame. (At checkout, complete the additional information section with the item number of your selected expression to add it to your order.)

*all sentiments displayed on this website are protected by copyright laws. 

Have a Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year
— Item #DPW1001
May the Spirit of the Lord
be with you this Christmas
and throughout the coming year
— Item #DPW1002
Be of good cheer
as Christmas Blessings
are wished for you throughout the coming year
— Item#DPW1004
Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season
— Item#DPW1022
Spending Christmas with loved ones is His greatest gift to us.
May the reason for the season be in your heart throughout the coming year.

Merry Christmas

With Love & Blessings,
to you and yours,
…and always.
— Item#DPW1026
Celebrate where we’ve come from
and where our strength is sure to lead us
— Item#DPW1005
Cards, and flowers
and chocolate covered kisses
can melt your heart away,
and each is filled with love and wishes
For a Happy Valentine’s Day
— Item#DPW1025
Thinking of you on your special day.
Celebrate, enjoy and be blessed!
Happy Birthday.
— Item#DPW1006
Thinking of you and sending you
blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving.
— Item#DPW1007
Your thoughtfulness meant so much. May God Bless you.
— Item#DPW1003
Thank you (front) “…for everything.”
— Item#DPW1008
When someone as thoughtful as you comes along, it really brightens my day and a simple expression of thank you is the only thing left to say
— Item#DPW1000
Someone we love must leave us and in the midst of our grief
we are sorely reminded that our time here is all too brief.
But, we find comfort in knowing that so many we know truly care
as you keep us encouraged and uplifted
by your words, your love and your prayers.

A heartfelt “Thank You.
— Item#DPW1010
We are grieved at the loss of a loved one
Because we’ll miss them so
We are pained at the thought they’re not here
as on with our lives we must go
We are comforted in knowing they’re at peace
and suffer no more earthly pain, and we’ll rejoice with our spirits uplifted as in Christ we shall soon meet again.
— Item#DPW1011
We’ve been through tough times together
Didn’t always see eye to eye
But the bond has gotten stronger and stronger as time goes by.
Trying to see each other’s point, not always wanting the same thing
Has helped to strengthen the bond
That being different is bound to bring
It may not seem like a plus, that we sometimes disagree
But it’s a part of who we are, you are you and I am me.
We’ve shared many heartfelt moments,
And between all the good and the bad
I couldn’t be more proud, and grateful that you’re my Dad!
So, from the bottom my heart
On your very special day
I’m wishing you a wonderful
And Happy Father’s Day!
— Item#DPW1013
Mothers are here to guide us to give comfort and to heal
To nurture and protect us from the pain we often feel.
Mothers are here to share with us life’s lessons and even advice
The wisdom of their experience, spoken firmly, clear and precise.
Mothers are here to teach us and shower us with loving care
To water the fruit of our spirit, with an unspoken and unyielding prayer.
Mothers are God’s earthly angels keeping watch as we mature and grow
Into beautiful and radiant flowers, pure and luminous as new fallen snow.
For all you’ve done in my life your devotion can never be measured
A strong and everlasting influence, you’re truly a gift to be treasured!
Happy Mother’s Day
— Item#DPW1015
May God bless you and keep you
on Mother’s Day and Always.
— Item#DPW1021
For the mother God gave me
For the woman that nurtured me
For the woman that loved me
Protected and guided me
For the woman who sacrificed for me
For the woman who disciplined me
For the woman who stood by me
And always stood up for me
For the lessons you taught me
For the tears you cried for me
For the woman who prayed for me
And always encouraged me
Because you’re proud of me, I’m proud of you today
Your influence on my life means more than words can say
So I will simply tell you “Thank you” for all that you have done
With love and special blessings,
Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
— Item#DPW1024
I’m happiest in my heart my dear, when I spend my time with you
The good days, and the not so good, or when I’m feeling blue
Never are as often, as when I am alone
Knowing that you’ll be there at night when I come home
Whenever my heart is heavy, you can make it light
Whenever my days are gloomy, you can make them bright
For these reasons, I love you, more than words can say
For these reasons, I want you
Today and every day!
Happy Anniversary
— Item#DPW1016
Through it all, He’s with you to comfort you from the start
Through it all He’ll carry it, the burden of a heavy heart.
Through it all, He’s with you when the loss can seem too much
But through it all He’ll lead you, with just a simple touch.
Through it all He’s with you to soothe the hurt and pain
And through it all He’ll suffer and cry with you again and again
Through it all He’s with you our broken hearts He’ll console
Through it all He loves us, comforting the deepest part of our soul.
Through it all our loved ones will journey to a much better place,
to join our Heavenly Father, imagine the joy on their face.
No matter what and through it all we know their time will come,
But remember He’s with you always, Our Father, Christ, the Son.
— Item#DPW1017
When the days and nights seem much too long,
and it’s more than you can stand,
God is with you always, just take His outstretched hand.
He will comfort and protect you, every burden He will bear
Just let Him carry the load, ask Him with a simple prayer
He will calm your deepest fear, with a voice that pierces night
The steadfast hand of God, will guide you to His glowing light
When you fall, He’ll pick you up, give you strength when you’re too weak,
He’s the Lamb, the Everlasting shepherd, and we are His lost sheep.
He hears your faintest cries, sees your tears each time they fall
Just trust in Him, reach out to Him
He’ll see you through it all.
— Item#DPW1018
The pain and loss of a loved one is a burden we all must bear
But God’s strength will surely sustain us
with words of comfort from all those who care
We’ll miss them when they’re gone and the tears will come and go
Washed out to sea like the tide in its natural ebb and flow
Though passed on they’re always with us in our hearts they will always be near
Our lifeline, the precious memories that will spring forth for many a year
We’ll remember the times we’ve shared times much too precious to forget
For we know we’ll see them soon but it’s not our time…………not yet
So until we are reunited and we see their smiling face
We’ll live this life to the fullest, completely,
and with God’s amazing grace.
— Item#DPW1020
A marriage is a bond, where two are joined as one
A marriage is a compromise that’s only just begun
A marriage means commitment, to your partner for life
A marriage means respect, from your husband or your wife
A marriage needs trust in all that’s said and done
A marriage needs support when there’re battles to be won
A marriage requires honesty from those we say we love
A marriage requires faith, in our Father God above
All this a marriage takes, all this and much, much more
This makes only a foundation that opens a bigger door
A marriage is many things to a love that’s old or new
Continued joy and happiness are wished
For the two of you!
Happy Anniversary

— -Item#DPW1028